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Teresa S. Foulger, Ed.D.

Professor, Educational Technology

Arizona State University


I was an elementary teacher when the microcomputer came to my school district (1992). At that time, little research and almost no noted best practice in teaching with technology existed. As an innovator, I began to experiment with how to use computers with my sixth graders. I started a professional pathway dedicated to promoting the use of technology in education. I am currently a Professor of Educational Technology at Arizona State University in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College. This incident has served to ground my scholarship in how technology integration advances education. I have focused my research on the role of preparation programs, teacher educator technology competencies, personalized professional development, and innovations.

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Teresa S. Foulger is a Professor of Educational Technology in the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College at Arizona State University (ASU). She has expertise in leading educational transformation and seeks to advance how educators use technology for teaching and learning. Her research interests include technology integration, technology infusion in teacher preparation, professional development, and organizational change.


Dr. Foulger led an effort with Drs. K. J. Graziano, D. Schmidt-Crawford, and D. A. Slykhuis to conduct research that resulted in the Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs). The development of the TETCs involved contributions from leaders in the Society of Technology in Teacher Education (SITE), International Society of Technology and Education (ISTE), American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE), the National Technology Leadership Coalition, and the U.S. Department of Education to advance the new paradigm of a program-deep and program-wide approach to addressing technology in preparation programs in the United States. The TETC research team was awarded the 2021 Edward C. Pomeroy Award for Outstanding Contributions to Teacher Education from the American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (AACTE) for "for the development and promotion of outstanding practices in educator preparation at the collegiate, state, or national level; distinguished service to the educator preparation community; and exceptional contributions to AACTE."

Dr. Foulger is Past President of the ISTE Teacher Education Network from 2011-2015 and received the “Making I.T. Happen” award from ISTE in 2019. She is a Past Co-Chair of the TPACK Special Interest Group of SITE. Dr. Foulger serves as an Associate Editor for the Australasian Journal of Educational Technology, an international journal that seeks to advance use of technology in  higher education. She is a corporate board member of Candeo Schools, a "top 10" K-8 charter school system in Phoenix. During the transition to remote online learning during the COVID pandemic crisis in 2020, Dr. Foulger supported the development of a transition plan and online teaching strategy that resulted in the school system receiving national recognition.


Dr. Foulger has been recognized nationally and internationally for the role her research plays in supporting the adoption of technology in education, effective professional development, and systemic change initiatives involving technology. Her research about the adoption of technology infusion at ASU resulted in a sequence of peer-reviewed journal articles and numerous research awards. Most recently, her research has been awarded the Outstanding Research Article Award (2014 and 2019) from the Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education; the Best Practice Award for the Innovative Use of Technology (2017, with colleagues) from the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, Committee on Innovation and Technology; and the Best Research Paper Award (2014) from the American Education Research Association, Technology as a Change Agent in Teaching and Learning Special Interest Group. More detailed information is available at


  • Technology Infusion

  • Teacher Educator Technology Competencies

  • Innovative Use of Technology

  • Professional Development for Technology Integration


I strive to support students becoming competent at using technology for educational endeavors, compassionate educators, and agents of change.


I am committed to advancing the profession and support organizations that advocate for the use of the use of technology in education.


I speak and consult about advancing technology in education, professional development, technology infusion in preparation programs, and change management.


Teresa S. Foulger, Ed.D.
Associate Professor of Educational Technology
Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College
Arizona State University

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