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Graduate students I taught at Wuhan University in China. Yes, that's a chalk board.

Teaching is at the heart of my work. I teach courses about technology literacy, technology integration, innovation, educational psychology, and research methods. I have created and taught online courses and am program coordinator for Educational Studies, BAE. Students who take my courses say I have high expectations and have a creative way of making learning meaningful and engaging. I believe technology is necessary to the most effective teaching and learning experiences.

Leadership in Teaching

I serve as program co-coordinator for Educational Studies BAE (online and face-to-face). In 2014, I was appointed by the Dean as a Fellow for the Arizona State University Leadership Academy Cohort II in support of my role as Program Coordinator for the Educational Studies degree. In 2018, the online program hosted 12,177 scheduled credit hours (SCH or “seats”) and was noted as the fastest-growing undergraduate degree at ASU.


With colleagues K. Graziano, D. Schmidt-Crawford, and D. Slykhuis, I initiated and facilitated an international research protocol that resulted in the Teacher Educator Technology Competencies (TETCs), the knowledge and behaviors needed by teacher educators who teach technology-infused courses. I also facilitated the development of the Technology Outcomes (TOs), target behaviors for teacher candidates used to guide how technology is infused in certification programs in our college.



I champion technology being an essential and inseparable part of teaching and learning. Twice, I have been fortunate to be awarded the Best Practice Award for the Innovative Use of Technology (with colleagues, 2009 and 2017) by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education for advancing technology in my college. In 2016, colleagues in my college awarded me the Excellence in Integrating Scholarship and Teaching Award for “focused scholarship on educational technology and technology infusion, successful collaboration to integrate research with pedagogical needs, and leadership toward creating a nationally recognized model.”

Teaching and Course Development

Graduate Courses I have created and taught:

EDT 501: Foundations of Learning Design and Technologies (face-to-face and online)

EED 511: Principles of Curriculum Development (hybrid)

SED 522: Secondary School Curriculum Development (face-to-face)

EED 531: Teaching with Educational Technology (face-to-face)

EDT 593: Applied Project (for Ed Tech & Instructional Design M.Ed.) (online)

EDT 598: Impact of Emerging Technologies on Schooling and Society (online)

TEL 598: Introduction to Doctoral Studies (hybrid)

TEL 703: Innovation in Teaching and Learning (hybrid)

TEL 711: Strategies for Inquiry (hybrid)

TEL 712: Mixed Methods of Inquiry (hybrid)


Undergraduate Courses I have created and taught:

EDT 180: Technology Literacy, Problem Solving, and Digital Technology 

LSE 305: Conceptualizing Learning: Theories in Practice (online, unlimited enrollment)

This course is also a required course in the Interplanetary Initiative Major: Technological Leadership offered by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences.

EDP 310: Ed Psych Special Topic, Motivation (online, unlimited enrollment)

TEL 313: Educational Technology in K-12 Curriculum (face-to-face, hybrid)

TEL 313: Technology in an Educational Setting (online, unlimited enrollment)

ECD 313: Technology in Early Childhood Education 

EDT 321: Computer Literacy: Mobile Tech (online, unlimited enrollment)

EDU 404: Navigating Change in Educational Innovations (online and face-to-face formats)*

TEL 431: Learning in Workplaces (online/unlimited enrollment and face-to-face


Undergraduate courses I have taught:

TEL 313: Technology Integration in K-12 Curriculum

COE 598: Internet and Communications Technology

COE 315: Child and Adolescent Development   

COE 313: Technology Integration in K-12 Curriculum

EMC 300: Computers in Education

EMC 300: Computers in Education (BLE/ESL)

EDP 303: Human Development

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