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I speak and consult about professional development for technology integration, championing technology infusion. My focus in this work is the development of an organizational culture that values and applies technology for learning, that is poised for continual innovation, and that is attuned to the needs of innovators and early adopters. I promote research-based decisions regarding movements to amplify how technology is used for teaching and learning.


Old Dominion University

In 2021, we at Old Dominion University set an ambitious goal to double our online enrollment within five years. To help us achieve this, we established a task force and sought the guidance of an expert advisor, Dr. Teresa S. Foulger. As an Associate Professor of Educational Technology at the Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College in Arizona State University, Dr. Foulger's expertise in effective online teaching and online systems was incredibly valuable to us.
Dr. Foulger generously met with us twice and shared her strategies and insights, providing us with invaluable guidance that has proven to be instrumental in our work. Her expertise helped to inform our approach, and we are grateful for the knowledge and experience she shared with us. Thanks to her guidance, we are making significant progress toward our goal of doubling our online enrollment.

~ Helen Crompton, Old Dominion University, Executive Director of the Research Institute for Digital Innovation in Learning

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